Privacy is our priority when it comes to your session. No images are ever shared without signed permission from every client. All the images you see on this website have been approved by the client. The only people ever present during your session is the photographer, the makeup artist and assistant if ever needed. It is your choice to allow us to share your images and you will never be pressured to do so.


The Experience
Boudoir photography isn’t just a photo session in some fancy lingerie. I believe every woman should experience everything that is a boudoir session. All of my sessions include hair and makeup which takes away the stress of where to get your hair and makeup done beforehand. I team with professionals that do an amazing  job and will even suggest colors and looks that will compliment your skin tone and outfits you’ve brought. I pride in making my boudoir events an experience of luxury, pampering and all about you. From the time you walk in for your session to the time you leave feeling fabulous with a thank you gift.


All Female Team
This is an intimate experience and this is an all female zone! I work with very talented hair and makeup artists who will get you photo ready and occasionally have female assistants during your shoot. So there is no worries of men or unwanted guests taking peeks.


Limited Appointments
Unlike most boudoir marathons, my appointments aren’t scheduled back to back or rushed. I take on a limited number of bookings during each event to give my full creative attention on each session. Which is also why I call these events and not marathons! Outside of my boudoir events, I also schedule individual sessions where the session is dedicated all to you.


Guide You Into Posing
I totally get that you’re not a pro at posing. Trust me, I’ve been where you are and I’ve been in front of the camera for my own boudoir session. I was afraid of making weird faces, and just looking awkward. My job is to guide you into poses that flatter and make you look your best. And if you notice me moving around a lot it’s because light matters when posing. And there are times where I’ll just pose with you to show you!


Post Processing
I cull every image from your session for only the best and I edit every image and then they are presented to you fully edited and flawless. We all have stretch marks, blemishes, pimples, and dimples that I edit out unless you tell me otherwise. While I fully edit, you are still going to look like yourself and natural.