Relaxing for Your Boudoir Session

5 tips on how to relax in front of the camera

Are you nervous about your boudoir session? Here are some tips to help you relax during your shoot:

*Play Music – I always have tunes playing in a session , but if you want bring your own favourite music to play during your photo shoot on a USB memory stick. This will help you to calm down and feel comfortable.

*Deep Breathing – Practice deep breathing. This is a proven relaxation method. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose. Repeat until you feel better.

*Take a Break – If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can take a break from shooting and talk and relax before resuming the session.

*Laugh It Off – If you’re feeling silly in front of the camera, laugh at yourself. Laughter is a great relaxation technique. It will help you loosen up. *Bring someone with you - Bring a friend or partner with you, he or she can pull fanny faces to make you smile and relax.