Inverness Bridal Boudoir Session
Inverness Maternity Session
Inverness Boudoir Session
Inverness Maternity Session
Inverness Bridal Boudoir Session
Inverness Boudoir-Nude Session
Inverness Bridal Boudoir Session
Inverness Bridal Boudoir Session


I've admired Roksana's work for some time, so booked a photo-shoot for a birthday treat to myself and I am so delighted with the results! We chatted easily, I loved my hair & make-up and the photos are just brilliant.
Thank you so much for a great experience x 
I've done a boudoir photo shoot with Roksana, and I absolutely loved it.
Like a lot of women, I have my insecurities, so I decided to go and do a boudoir shoot.
I felt like a model, getting my hair and makeup was done, posing etc. (Posing is hard work!) I absolutely love the pictures, I can still recognise myself in them, but also see my hidden wild side. I definitely recommend her and it does wonders for one's self-esteem.
Myself and some friends had a mini shoot in November. It was sooooo much fun and Roksana is so gentle, sweet and comfortable to be around. This makes the whole process of the photo shoot relaxed and you will then look your best! I could not recommend Roksana more highly for this, or any other special event!

Who goes for boudoir photography?


There are a number of reasons to have these done.


1. A gift. Boudoir photos are a unique and personal gift for someone special in our life, whether it is a bridal gift to your new husband or a Valentines gift for your boyfriend. I assure you it is not like any other gift he’s gotten before! Or maybe you’ve been married for a while and need a boost. A boudoir album will for sure do the trick.


2. Celebrate. Maybe you recently lost weight, got a job promotion, or you reached some goal you’ve been working so hard at. Boudoir photography will assure you what an awesome, beautiful woman you are.


3. Just because. Maybe you just want to capture your beauty forever. Or maybe you just want to flaunt your hotness and show off that inner vixen in you that’s been dying to get out! No matter what size you are, 0-100, you’re sexy in your own way. So why not gift yourself with a boudoir session. You’ll leave feeling beautiful and more confident.


 If you don't think that you are the hottest, you do, you just need to let it out.

Even Rembrandt appreciated beautiful feminine shapes on his paintings.

Watch transformation BEFORE & AFTER

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 I’m Roksana Ulas, I specialise in luxury portrait sessions for women  (beauty + boudoir) and weddings.

I’ve had people view my portfolio and think I just shoot with models, but that’s not true. I photograph all shapes/ages/sizes and you can see my Before/Afters for proof. (Hint: A lot of them just look like models after we’re done styling them!). 

It’s commonplace for women to put other things/people ahead of themselves and most of my clients fall into this category—women who feel they’ve “lost their identity” along the way. They tell me they hate being in front of the camera, and many times I hear them say they haven’t felt beautiful in years.

.All sessions include pro hair/makeup as well as a consult beforehand, so that busy women don’t have to sweat the small stuff. 

Are you ready to book your shoot? Or maybe you still have questions. If so, contact me and we’ll go from there.